It’s So Important To Stretch The Shoulders, Back And Hips. Photo Shows The MISIG Or “Most Important Stretch In Golf” A DEVICE

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“There are numerous benefits of stretching and using the Most Important Stretch in Golf,” said inventor and owner, Bernie Fay. “Improving your range of motion is critical to developing a better golf swing. MISIG a great tool for instructors and rehabilitation specialists as well.”

Stretch. Swing. Exercise. Repeat. Simply make the MISIG a part of your daily training or warm-up routine by sliding the handle five to six times up the bar per set. Golfers will quickly develop stronger golf muscles and avoid injuries due to increased flexibility, loosened tendons and muscles, and improved extension. Along with physical improvements, players will gain a better understanding of the mechanics of the swing. The MISIG assists with feeling the proper transition at the top of the swing allowing for more consistency and improved shot making.