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FeelTheStretch.com is a family owned business, located in Des Plaines, IL founded by me, Bernie Fay. I am the son of Irish Immigrants (Kerry and Cavan) and I am one of eight children. I was born and raised in the city of Chicago and live in the suburbs now. My life passions are faith, family, golf, woodworking, fishing and hard work.

Most periods of my life over the last 30 years have been spent working two full time jobs at nearly 80 hours a week. One at a major Medical Center in Chicago (currently working there) in the Engineering Department since 1992 and my other jobs have included working as a carpenter and handyman. Also owning and running a 24/7 messenger service I started when I was 19 in Chicago. I’ve always loved Celtic/Irish woodcarving and I actually taught it for nearly five years at the Irish American Heritage Center In Chicago and at Gaelic Park in Oak Forest just south of Chicago. At the bottom of this page thereis a YouTube video below of me building an Irish/Celtic themed toy chest and some of my other works including a Celtic Knotwork wine rack.

I decided a long time ago, when my three sons were very young, that I would do everything I could and work very hard to pay for and make sure they had what I did not…a college education (two down one to go! Declan Patrick- Northeastern Illinois University, Kevin Thomas- University of Illinois and Brendan James is at Northeastern). I am married to the most beautiful and wonderful person in the world, Mary Ann, for 29 years.

When I was 12 years I had a compound spiral dislocation of the humerus in the left arm (the bone from the shoulder to the elbow broke in half!). Today it is arthritic. This is how I came to invent the “Most Important Stretch In Golf.” I was in my garage doing various stretches for my shoulder and nothing was giving me back my range of motion. I saw a bungee cord on the work bench. I tied the bungee cord just above my left elbow in a knot. By pulling up and away with the bungee cord I felt a nice stretch in my bothersome shoulder. I then went upstairs and got an ankle brace and slid it up my arm because the bungee cord was too tight. I bunched up one side of the brace and hooked the bungee cord to it. When I pulled up and away I got so much relief!! I started to think how I could make a device that would put this idea into a real tool for stretching the shoulders, back and hips in a golf swing motion.

I honestly believed I could help a lot of golfers with range of motion and game improvement. After a lot of trips to the hardware store and ordering various parts I developed a prototype out of PVC pipe, nuts, bolts and surgical tubing. The first prototype was ugly but it worked! After speaking with my family, we decided to put in for a patent application.

I made MISIGS in my garage for the first six months of business in what I like to call my “little warehouse.” My wife never stopped calling it the garage where she “liked to park her car.” Mary Ann has been so wonderful throughout this endeavor.

Things were really hard in the beginning. I couldn’t get any golf pro’s, pro shops or online stores to even look at it. For months I called and emailed hundreds of people and drove around to golf courses try to generate some interest in my new idea. Nothing! I decided to get a booth at the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, Florida that following January. This is where the most wonderful thing happened. I was at “Demo Day” which is outside in a giant open field and hundreds of manufacturers are in a giant one mile circle. All of the thousands of attendees hit golf balls with the latest greatest drivers, putt on a large putting green and try the newest electric or motorized golf technology.

When I spotted Lauren Thompson from the Golf Channel on that sunny day I couldn’t believe it. Walking by herself I thought she looked very approachable and I went for it. I showed her one of my brochures and told her that I would love for her to try my new invention. I can’t tell you how kind she was and she said she would definitely look at it because every year each Golf Channel personality gets to pick their favorite new product for the PGA Merchandise show for that year.  Lauren Thompson picked the MISIG!

Things changed a lot for the MISIG after that day and I will be forever grateful to Lauren.

Using the MISIG as a swing trainer came when I started to show it to golf instructors. The all had one common thought; “This is the back swing motion I try to teach my students every day. Elbow Locked Through extension, wrist hinged properly and very effective shoulder turn.

Using the MISIG as an exercise device came from physical therapists and there are a lot of them using it as a golf rehab and exercise tool.

The rest is history.I hope you decide to try the “Most Important Stretch In Golf” because it is an extraordinary and unique golf performance device that truly works.

Kindest Regards,
Bernie Fay
Inventor/Owner of the “Most Important Stretch In Golf”

How To Build And Carve An Irish/Celtic Themed Toy Chest…

Bernie Fay, Inventor, Is TPI – Titleist Performance Institute Certified.