How to Improve Your Golf Swing & Game

We all have items to work on out on the golf course that could help lower that score. Maybe you need to work on your golf swing with your driver. Perhaps your wedge and pitch shots near the green could be improved. No matter what part of your golf game you want to develop, everything comes down to one thing – your golf swing. Here are a couple of simple tips on how to improve your golf swing and your golf game.

Exercises to Improve Your Golf Swing

It may not seem like it when you are riding in a cart, but the game of golf is exercise. As such, it is key to make sure you are stretched out and limber before embarking on a round on the links.

The MISIG Golf Training Device will help you with a variety of exercises to improve your golf swing. With a few minutes of stretching before starting your game, you will be able to reach back further in your swing, which will add valuable distance and carry to your shots.

Making sure you’re loose will lead to better results on the golf cource and will improve your golf swing.

Simplify Your Golf Swing

The key to a consistent golf swing is the ability to repeat your same body motion. If you have too many components of your swing, you will have a different swing every time. This will cause you to spray the ball all over the course.

One o the PGA’s top professionals, Matt Kuchar, says the number one key to making your swing repeat is to use a steeper shoulder turn. This will allow you to keep your head down on the ball. You’ll be lined up better during your swing, resulting in more consistent golf shots.

The MISIG Device helps create consistent swings

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