The Importance of Muscle Memory for Your Golf Swing

“Practice, practice, practice.” It’s a common adage repeated to people who are trying to master a task. The ability to draw upon muscle memory to do something successfully is especially important in sports.

This is particularly true for the game of golf. Your golf swing is all you have on the golf course. There is no teammate to bail you out (unless you happen to be playing in the Ryder Cup) so it is paramount to have great golf swing muscle memory.

In this blog, we will go over a few simple tips that will help you achieve muscle memory when it comes to your golf swing.

Stabilize Your Takeaway

The takeaway is the first motion of your backswing immediately after you address the ball. If the takeaway for your golf swing is off, the rest of your swing will be off. Make sure to keep your right arm straight (left arm if you are left-handed) through your backswing. Bending that arm will lead to different swings each time, but if you keep it straight, you will see results that are more consistent on the course.

Stretching with the MISIG Device helps you achieve this because it teaches you to keep your arm straight, hinges your wrist properly, and improves muscle memory. When your arm is straight through your takeaway, you will feel a stretch in your shoulder that confirms you are reaching farther back in your swing.

MISIG Device
The MISIG Golf Training Device will help stabilize your takeaway.

Keep Your Swing Speed Consistent

A common thing golfers try to do that causes a deviation in their swing is changing the speed and rhythm of it. We’ve all been there — we try to overpower a shot to get extra yardage, or let up with a club and end up leaving it short. Part of building muscle memory for your golf swing is maintaining a consistent tempo.

Nearly every PGA pro has a swing with a 3:1 ratio, meaning their backswing takes three times as long as their down swing. Having a swing with the same speed will simplify your game. Instead of adjusting your swing tempo to fit the yardage you want, club up or down and stick with the same speed you usually swing with.

How the MISIG Training Device will Teach Golf Muscle Memory

The MISIG Golf Training is a device built on creating golf swing muscle memory — there is only one way to use it properly, and that way will help create a more consistent golf swing. Not only does it teach you the proper motion to build muscle memory, but also you will get longer, straighter shots with it.

We guarantee that the MISIG Device will add 20 yards to your drives in 2 weeks. Try the MISIG Device today risk-free for 30 days.

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