How to Prevent Golf Injuries

You can feel it instantly when it happens ­­– you feel that pull in your back, or the strain in your knees after finishing your golf swing. Injuries are a part of every sport, even golf. But there are some things you can do to try and keep from hurting yourself.

This blog will go over a couple easy things you can do to prevent injuring yourself while out on the links.

Make sure to stretch before a round

Riding around in a golf cart with a couple of adult beverages may make you forget it, but golf is exercise. As such, it is important to warm up and stretch before playing a round of golf, or else you risk injury. Just like any other athlete warms up before a game, professional golfers go through a routine to make sure their body is at peak performance before a round.

Stretching and hitting a few practice balls before a full 18 will help build strength in the muscles needed to swing a golf club.

The MISIG golf training device will help you stretch at the course, and when you’re just at home wanting some exercise. The MISIG increases the degree of your backswing and gives you a proper stretch in your back, shoulders, and hips while you replicate your golf swing.

MISIG Device
The MISIG Golf Training Device will help you stretch at home or at the course.

Develop a consistent tempo to your swing

Another thing that will not only improve your game, but help prevent golf injuries is having a consistent swing. When you start trying to overexert yourself and over-swing, not only do you open yourself up to bad form, but you can increase your risk of injury.

Stick with an easy, consistent tempo with your swing. If you need more yardage out of your shot, consider clubbing up instead of swinging as hard as you can. Your scorecard, and your back, will thank you later.

How a golf training aid will help golf injury prevention

A golf training aid like the MISIG will help you prevent injuries from golfing. The MISIG builds strength and stamina in the core muscles necessary for a golf swing. It will also teach you proper form and creates muscle memory that simultaneously increases your flexibility.

Not only that, but you will see improvements in your game as well. We guarantee that the MISIG will add 20-25 yards to your golf shots in 30 days or less. Try the MISIG device risk-free today and start improving your golf swing today.

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