Push Sliding Handle Up and Feel Tremendous Stretch In Shoulders, Back And Hips. Dramatically Increase Degrees of Back Swing and Range of Motion.

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Des Plaines, Ill. – The MISIG, The Most Important Stretch In Golf, is a complete golf performance program that includes a Stretching program, Swing Training program and Exercise program. It is designed around one of the most important fundamentals in the golf swing – the takeaway. The MISIG is an incredible stretching device that builds muscle memory and develops a proper takeaway. By keeping the elbow locked through extension and wrists hinging properly, golfers can develop an increased range of motion, more degrees in the back swing and faster club head speed for a more powerful swing. A stronger swing leads to more consistency, distance, and playing better golf.

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), the world’s leading educational organization pertaining to the human body’s physical performance in golf since 2003, has provided substantial documentation on the importance of stretching in golf including many video segments that are available on YouTube. More recently, PGA Tour and Champions Tour member and 21 time European Tour Champion, Miguel Angel Jimenez, aka “the Mechanic,” has made stretching in golf “cool” with his infamous array of gyrations and contortions that are part of his pre-round stretching routine often seen on the driving range.