How The MISIG Helps

What exactly does the MISIG Do?

Working With The MISIG 5-10 Minutes A Day:





It Adds Incredible Distance – An Absolute Minimum Of 20 Yards Is Guaranteed

Many Many Users Have Gained 30-40 Yards

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It Will Dramatically Increase Degrees Of Backswing And Range Of Motion

In Just A Few Days You Will Have Deeper Wider Golf Swings



Builds Strength And Flexibility Which Adds Great Confidence

(Confidence Is Everything In Golf)



Feel A Tremendous And Wonderful  Stretch In The Shoulders, Back And Hips

The Very First Tim You Use It




Develops True Stamina And True Endurance 




The MISIG Activates, Stretches And Strengthens The CORE:

What is the CORE?

The Core Is All Of The Muscles Around The Middle Of Your Body

It’s The Power Of The Turn Engine And Is Your Midsection. – The Rotational Engine Of A Golf Swing. The Torque Of The Swing.

It is what rotational force comes from.





Develops A Better Shoulder Turn Which Leads To Better Rotation And Increased Turn




 Find  The “SLOT” In Every Golf Swing Which Is The Base Foundation Of An “INSIDE TO OUT” Golf Swing





The MISIG Creates The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Yourself As A Golfer:

It Creates Muscle MEMORY

By Doing Reps





The Takeaway Is Critical. Nothing Good Happens In A Golf Swing If The Takeaway Is Not Correct:

During The Takeaway, The MISIG Keeps Lead Arm Straighter And Hinges And Unhinges The Wrists Properly For A Better Golf Swing





Relieves Back Pain (If Serious – Under Doctor’s Or PT Supervision Only!)





 Develops Much Stronger Back And Shoulder Muscle…..

Back: Oblique, Flexor, Extensor And More

Shoulders: Deltoids, Biceps, Triceps, , Pectoralis Major, Latissimus dorsi And More






Builds “Golf Swing” Specific Strength Quickly





Better Shoulder Turn





Deeper Wider Golf Swing With Less Effort





Find “The Slot” Every Time For A True Golf Motion





Develop One Consistently Repeatable Golf Swing For Pure Contact Every Time





Improved Takeaway, Structure And Loading


The MISIG Forces An “Inside To Out” Swing Pattern





Eliminates “Over The Top”





Creates Consistency And Invokes “Muscle Memory”






Better Rhythm And Flow In The Golf Swing





True Golf Warm Ups –

When Was The Last Time You Were Truly Ready And Warmed Up On The Critical First Tee Box?





Tension And Tight Muscles Reduce Golf Ability Dramatically!






Less Fatigue During And After A Round Of Golf

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