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When we introduced the “MISIG” or “Most Important Stretch In Golf” at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando Florida, We had no idea the response we would get. Right out of the gate, Lauren Thompson from The Golf Channel picked the “Most Important Stretch I(n Golf” as the best new product at the show. Video Here… Fourteen Time PGA Tour Champion Hal Sutton was at the PGA Merchandise Show and tried the “Most Important Stretch In Golf” and thought it was great. Hal went so far as to write a letter for us and said we could use it on our web site; “As we age anything that helps us loosen up is a benefit to us. The “Feel The Stretch” does it well, and while taking your swing. GREAT DEVICE!”

The MISIG is a three in one Golf Performance Device.

First, Its a Swing Trainer because it only allows one swing, “Inside To Out”. If you have trouble coming down from the top and slicing the ball the MISIG is for you. By doing repetitions of swings 100-200 several times a week you will gain fantastic “Muscle Memory.” Muscle memory is the key to a better golf swing – Better turn, better lead arm extension, keeps elbow locked through take away and hinges the wrist properly. Better Swing, Better Golf.

Second, It truly is the “Most Important Stretch In Golf” because as you push up the sliding handle along the 40″ club/shaft you feel a tremendous stretch in the shoulders, back and hips. You will get more degrees out of your back swing, better range of motion, less fatigue and injuries and a proper pre-round warm up because it fits right in your golf bag.

Third, It is the best golf exercise tool on the market. When you hold the right arm up which is holding the sliding handle (opposite for lefties) and pull the club/shaft down you are exercising the exact muscles for the golf swing. You will gain strength quickly and you will notice the difference.

Kind regards,

Bernie Fay
Inventor/Owner – The MISIG