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The Most Important Stretch in Golf Swing Training Device

Purchase our state-of-the-art Golf Swing Training Device. Featured on the Golf Channel, Golf.com, and used by pros across the circuit.

Golf Exercises and Stretches to Improve Your Swing and Increase Your Distance

Use this golf swing trainer to help improve flexibility in your hips with our specially designed golf stretching exercises. Create a wider and deeper swing path. All while adding valuable yardage to your swing distance. This simple swing trainer device used routinely can help improve your golf game for years to come. Perfect for younger golfers just starting to develop and strengthen their swings all the way to the older generation in need of increased flexibility and improved rotation.  Avoid injury and create excellent muscle memory from using the Most Important Stretch in Golf Device for just a few minutes each day.

Our golf swing trainer comes with an 8 oz Power Ball to help the swing feel more club like, and includes three stretch resistance bands in light, medium, and strong to help improve your range of movement over time. Start out with the light band to help get your swing perfected. Then move up in resistance to increase your swing distance. These golf stretching exercises are proven effective and easy. The proof will be out on the course where you’ll see the difference in your swing plane and distance.

Just a few minutes everyday using the MISIG device will help to create a more controlled swing that you’ll notice right away.


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