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There Are 100’s Of PGA Professional Golf Instructors Using The MISIG In Their Training Sessions

Some Have Started A Winter/Summer  Group Golf Fitness Training And Swing Training Program At Their Club With Members Joining



– Get Your Students Into Proper Positioning Easier

– Improves Takeaway And Extension

-Better Shoulder Turn

– Better Swing Plane

– Make Them Stronger And They Will Get To The True “Top” Of Their Swing Easier

– And So Much More That Will Make Your Life Easier And Your Students Will Want To Come Back For More Training



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– John Tillery, PGA Tour Instructor for

  – Brandt Snedeker 

  – Kevin Kisner

– And Many More….

“The MISIG is a wonderful training aid. Not only as a flexibility tool, but as a guide to feel the necessary loading and structure needed to produce a dynamic motion. As instructors, we want to quickly be able to give players a feel to accomplish a goal, and this aid makes quick work out of a lot of sloppy swings.”


John Tillery, PGA


Scott Pasiuk, VENICE, FL

“It has helped me to achieve my dream of becoming an Associate in the PGA PGM program.

I have never sent a review for a product in my past 60 years of being alive but here goes. Purchased the misig device with the need for stretching and I have to say that this thing works. Used it for 2 weeks with the first band every day for 10-15 mins, then put the next band on for more resistance the next week and went to practice and play golf. To my surprise I was hitting all of my shots further than I have for the last few years. On may 20 2019 took my PAT test at Coral Springs CC and passed. I credit my new swing to the misig device. Thank you for making a product that worked for me and has made the game of golf more fun knowing I can hit the ball further by doing a little stretching every day. Thanks again.”


Deb Vangellow
LPGA Master Professional
LPGA Past National President

“The MISIG is one of the best combination teaching and training aids I have ever used! It is a great stretching/strengthening/swing training device that has helped golfers of all abilities increase their overall range of motion in the golf swing.”


Jerry Garrison, PGA Teaching Professional:

It has been extremely helpful in teaching the proper positions and showing what stretch really is… invaluable tool.”


Colin Sheehan, Head Coach, Yale University:

…It has allowed me to make the type of full back swing I took for granted for nearly all of my golfing life.”


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