The MISIG – Golf Training Device (Double Pack) Version 2 With “POWER BALLS”

The MISIG – Golf Training Device (Double Pack) Version 2 With “POWER BALLS”


The Revolutionary Golf performance device that really works. Nationally acclaimed and Used by PGA Touring Professionals.


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Order Includes:
– (2) MISIG Device(s)


The MISIG is a complete program when it comes to performance in the golf game. The device is essential for swing training and also doing your exercises. With the device, you will be able to keep your elbow locked through various extensions. Therefore, the machine will help you in stretching and loosen your muscles and tendons, and you will also be able to comprehend the working of golf. If you train properly with this device, you will experience less injury, and you will improve your skills while playing the game. The MISIG is essential for those who want to improve their performance in golf. It will help you in the following ways:

  • More club head speed – Longer stronger golf shots guaranteed
  • Get the club head back farther – easier
  • Build golf swing specific strength
  • Promoting inside-out swing
  • Training correct swing mechanics
  • Increasing the degrees of backswing

Preparing the golf training device is easy, and you will learn to do it efficiently. It comes with packages such as secondary grip sliding into the bar, a bar and several bands and makes it hard during stretching after connection to the arm. Every band is made of metal hooks which are essential because they help in preventing obvious disconnections from the system.

The device is used in three steps and by following the steps required, you are guaranteed of success. For instance, as a golfer, you will first stretch; you will then swing after which you can now exercise. When it comes to stretching, you should do it slowly, and you should have deliberate motions that will enable you to reach maximum angles. The device is the best for warm-up exercise before you can start anything.


The MISIG – Golf Training Device- V2 With “POWER BALL”Lighter / Softer Bands
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