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Over 40,000 Golfers that have purchased the MISIG have experienced incredible results.

MISIG Users:


“Reverses Aging?”

___________________________________ Golf Forums/Message Board Member JRR:

“I am in constant search for back relief. Me 72, severe lower back stenosis from a broken back 35 years ago. I invented the “fake turn”. A 230-40 drive before was normal on roll out. Pre MISIG, ice was required post playing.

I was astonished at the immediate relief and stretch on the first use. The pain relief was near immediate time frame and its not even advertised for that. I use it every day now with my normal regime of stretching. My back pain, post playing, is nearly gone.

The help in the golf swing structure was an unexpected secondary benefit. All parts of the game have benefited. This is really a non compensated opinion. Thanks WRX for bringing to my attention.”


Colin Sheehan, Head Golf Coach, Yale University: 

…It has allowed me to make the type of full back swing I took for granted for nearly all of my golfing life.”


Dave Normand, PGA Master Professional:

“I hit the ball farther today then I have anytime in my career.”



Mark Selman, age 68 Alpharetta, Georgia:

“After suffering a massive stroke, my left side was totally paralyzed. The MISIG training aid has greatly helped me to rebuild my golf swing and regain the distance I lost from having a stroke.”




Charles Ashburn, Winder Georgia:


“Your product is the best thing that has ever happened to my game!

I am hitting the ball straight and am picking up at least 20 yards, I am 78 years old and shoot to about a 16 handicap and my drives in the past have only been about 180 190 yards and now I am hitting over 200 and that sure does make second shots less stressful.”


Hal Sutton, 14 time PGA tour champion including PGA championship)

“Great Device. As we age, anything that helps us loosen up is a benefit to us. The “feel the stretch” does it well, and while taking your swing.”



Jim Alexander, Boca Raton, Florida:

“It has improved my hand position at the top of my backswing and has added 20 to 40 yards on my driver.


Dennis Wind, Prestonwood CC in Cary, N. Carolina:

I’ve gained between 20 and 30 yards. I was hitting right around 220 and now it’s between 240 and 250. My irons also carry longer and fly higher.”



Frank LaRossa, ESPN Sports:

I’ve noticed how much easier I turn… how much farther my drives are going… I’m a believer..”


Gerry James, Two Time Winner RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion:

The MISIG is the Gold Standard for shoulder and upper thorium mobility.”


Mark Urness, The Oaks Club, Osprey, Florida:


“After about one month of stretching 5 minutes per day with the device, I have added approximately 30 yards to my drives.

At 60, I have the distance I had in my late 30’s-early 40’s!”


Mark Siegel 
Managing Director
Golfasian Co. Ltd.

“I have been using MISIG for two months and have increased my driving distance 20 yards and iron distance 10 yards over the same period.
How much more benefit can I expect?”

Best regards


Professor Brady L. Tripp,

University of Florida

Director, Graduate Athletic Training Program / Applied Physiology & Kinesiology


I have used the MISIG tool with a few recreation and competitive golfers (NCAA, WEB.COM Tour or Q-School) in the lab.

All the golfers I share it with really enjoy the  stretch it provides.

After a few weeks using the MISIG on their own, our follow-up 3d kinematics and launch monitor assessment indicated improvements in thoracic rotation (aka shoulder turn). I can tell why physical therapists like using this tool, it helps provide a functional stretch for golfers and there aren’t many other such tools out there.”


 Joe Forchione, Firefighter CFD – Chicago, IL:

“At 30 years old and being a guy who works out a lot, I thought I knew what golf stretch and exercise was. But by training with the MISIG my distance increased dramatically. It is amazing how it stretches and exercises specific golf muscles and tendons.

In fact, at Charity Golf Outings, I have won five long drive holes which is awesome. My swing plane is better also. I don’t slice the ball anymore.”


Dr. Neil Smith, Nashville, Tennessee:


“This is a great device. At nearly 75 I am able to play at the same level I did 20 years ago.

Daily stretching with MISIG helps keep me limber and free from any back problems.

I Love it.”



Jon Hollingsworth, New York, New York:

What a wonderful device you created, it’s improved my accuracy, distance and of course my flexibility to enjoy this great game even more…Thank you for this wonderful product.”


Deborah Vangellow – LPGA Past National President – LPGA Master Professional



“The MISIG is one of the best combination teaching and training aids I have every used! It is a great stretching/strengthening/swing training device that has helped golfers of all abilities increase their overall range of motion in the golf swing. 

So many students do not rotate as much as they may be able to do to help with hitting the ball farther.  With the MISIG, I have seen students lengthen and strengthen their backswing with an improved inside to out swing path on the forward swing resulting in better distance and overall ball flight. The MISIG is a winner! Bernie…you are brilliant and definitely one of the good guys in Golf! Thank you for a great dual-purpose Teaching and Training Aid!”


Chris Johnson, Jacksonville, Florida:


“I am 46 years old.

I have to say this is the best training aid I have purchased.

 I will say not only has my distance increased but more importantly my accuracy and dispersion has showed a huge improvement. “

Thanks for a great product!”


Michael Mainor, San Antonio, Texas:


I love this product!!! It is simple and highly effective.  Really strengthens and lengthens your swing!!!

I highly recommend it for anyone looking to gain or regain distance in their game. 


Bob Granger, Afton, New York:

“Thank you so much for your very tremendous product.

Everyone, Bernie………..Everyone, should have your product!

I could not be more satisfied with any golf equipment that I have ever purchased. 

I can’t tell you how excited I am about MISIG!

I ordered your MISIG, late winter, and use it daily now.  The results are now fantastic.  It has helped my game and confidence, 100%” 

I am a former ‘Club Champion but had regressed, badly, over the years, because of my condition. 

The people at the club now state…………’Grange is Back.’ 



Bob Granger


Chuck Smith, Dubuque Iowa:

” This is actually the only golf training device I have continued to use regularly once the newness wore off. 

I use the MISIG every day in the off-season, and it absolutely helps in strength and limberness in the back, arms, and shoulders, plus the swing movement keeps you locked in the “slot.I have too many I used for a while and then started collecting dust. Going on two years with the  MISIG. 


Bruce Cole, Libertyville, ILLINOIS:

At +60, I was developing the ‘old man’ back swing (half, 3/4 way back).  The MISIG has helped be get closer to a full backswing, and it takes less than 5 min/day!


Frank Zeman, Naples, Florida:

Since I have started using your product this year, my game is improving!. This is due to 2 things: First – an inside out swing and Second – good follow through.

The first straightened out the ball flight and the second added considerable distance. The extra distance was evident off of the tee and now on the irons I use one less club for the same distance.

Last month and this month I have matched my lifetime best with 2 rounds of 80. Do the math – 80 with 27 strokes = net 53. My handicap is steadily falling and I am having more fun on the course.

BTW: I did win the Club Championship in my flight this year.

Thank You



Berdie Sauceda, Surprise, Arizona:

“I am hitting the golf ball further and straighter. Buddies asked me if I took lessons.”


Brian Hudson, WICHITA, Kansas:

“The MISIG device really helped the back, shoulders,  and chest muscles. Just a few minutes a day with the stretch has really been helpful.

I purchased the stretch to help stay limber through the winter. It really helped a guy like me in my 60′ s. My drives did not achieve the 20 yards gained as advertised. But, I have picked up 10-15 yards.

So happy with the tool, I bought another for a family member.”


Bill Berg, Atlanta, Georgia:

Excellent training aid!  I use it just before I play to focus on stretching the golf muscles. It’s amazing how many people stop and ask if they can try it.  


Terry Edison, Idabel, Olkahoma:

“I’ve been using my MISG for a couple of months.  I am 66 years old and can still hit it 260 carry with my Ping g400 driver, sometimes farther. 

I have added at least 5yds. distance but most importantly don’t feel like I have to swing out of my shoes to do it.  I’ll be happy if I can just maintain what I have distance wise and I feel confident with the MISG! I will be able to do that at least for a few more years (knock on wood) !! “


Brett Haddon-Cook, Marietta, Georgia:

” It’s the best training aid I’ve ever had. I love that I can just pick it up from the corner of my living room and put it to work.  Easy, convenient, and gets results.  


Paul Crosby –Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

I try to use at least five days a week. It has relieved back pain by strengthening back muscles. It has improved my shoulder turn and that has resulted in longer shots on each club in my bag. I recently broke the blue cord, send customer service an email asking where to get a replacement. Asked for my mailing address, they sent a replacement in a couple of days free of charge. Awesome


Robert Robinson, Sylvania, Ohio:


“My distance throughout the year was greater that it ever was!

I decided to get ready for the year by using the MISIG device.  Since I could swing less hard, my accuracy was improved. How much? Not one. Not two. Not three, but four holes in one last year, including a double eagle on a par 4. 



Jay Boyarsky:

Hi Bernie,

I use the MISIG on the first tee box prior to every round.  I have disc issues in my L4/L5 vertebrae, so stretching before I exercise is important.  The MISIG helps me accomplish this.

What I like the most though, is that when I bought the MISIG, I reached you personally and we spoke.  I love that I’m supporting a small business directly with the inventor.  Also, you asked me to send you a video of my using the MISIG.  I did so, and you kindly responded and gave me some tips.

Overall, the MISIG has helped my game by reminding me to make the fullest turn I can on my backswing.  And it has also helped me stretch, as I mentioned at the outset.  

Best of luck in the future and thank you for your excellent service.


Mike Marchetti, Carmel, Indiana:

 I originally purchased the MISIG to rehab my shoulder injury. It worked!!! Now I’m using it to improve my range of motion for my golf swing after being out for an entire season. I highly recommend it. IT WORKS!!!!


Tommy Dunne, Wicklow, Ireland:

Bernie, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the MISIG.

I have arthritis in my back , shoulders and hands and in recent years I found it  increasingly difficult to play golf. Because of the ongoing pain in my body I started creating compensatory movements that completely destroyed my swing. I found it impossible to correct the mistakes I was making and had almost given up the game when I read about MISIG.

What a transformation it has made! I have used it daily for about 30 minutes since purchasing it in January and can see my game returning. Thanks so much.


Thomas M. Witt, Dayton, Ohio:


I think you and your company are correct.  You are the Most Important Stretch in Golf. 

I have had mine for close to a year.   When I first got it, the weakest cord was to tough for me to get very many reps.  So I called you and you sent a couple of lighter ones and I used two of them together and that allowed me to build up.  I am now back to the lightest regular cord. 

This has really helped my back muscles and it also helps you to make a wider arc backswing, all good for approx. 15 more yards on the drive, and it makes a big difference on second shots into our longer par 4’s.  It is worth every penny.


Dennis Kelly, Milton, Massachusetts:

Hi Bernie. 

“I have used the MISIG for a couple of months. I have progressed from the orange to the blue to the red cord. 

I am a 72 year old man who  had difficulty getting the club back far enough to produce a proper swing. 

After using the MISIG this winter, I find myself far more flexible and the muscle memory has allowed me to have a much more consistent swing. As a result, I am getting more distance but more importantly I am hitting the ball straighter with fewer mishits.

I continue to use the MISIG daily to maintain flexibility. 

I have used several training aids in the past but none have given me the results of the MISIG or have given me the incentive to use it daily. “



Matt Nelson, Denver, CO:

 “I started using it a month ago and playing 3 times a week. I hit the ball better and in 6 weeks my handicap went from 16.5 to 13.2. I use the stretch before I play golf and it is great for how to hit the ball. I have been telling my friends about the stretch. I hit my drives better with it.”



 Tommy Genty,  Youngstown, Ohio:

“I am 69 years old and have had some health issues that have affected my range of motion. I just started using your MSIG device about 5 weeks ago.  I use it almost every day in the morning and evening. I have noticed that my shoulder turn has improved dramatically. No longer the shortest hitter in my foursome.  😉Thanks for a great device and the excellent customer service. “


W.Larry Lawrence, McKinney., Texas:

“Good morning. I am 65 years old. I had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago. In 24 hours I went from a 9 handicap to being unable to hit the ball entirely. I have had to move up from the white tees but I am blessed to still be able to play. Thanks to MISIG I have increased my flexibility and have recaptured some of the length that I had lost.  

I also have a bad back so it is great for stretching prior to playing. I would highly recommend it to players of all ages and levels.”



Mike Callahan, Tampa, Florida:


“……there is no doubt that it has provided more flexibility through my hips and lower body.

I am 66 and routinely out drive guys 10 yrs younger than me.  I also make sure that I use the device to swing ‘lefty’ as well.  I saw this advice from Gary Player to also stretch the ‘other’ side and I think that it has helped me significantly. 

I always make sure that I spend 10-15 minutes with MISIG prior to teeing it up… it has been an invaluable tool to warm up for me. 

Thanks for inventing a great tool for us old guys. “



Steve Mackenzie , The Woodlands Texas:

“Great product!  I am 59 with 2 rotator cuff surgeries in the last 3 years.  It is helped my shoulder turn and flexibility.  Great golf and therapy product.”



Eric Seastrunk,Port Orange , FL:

(57 yrs old today !)


Great product! …. nothing has helped me achieve my full turn again like the MISIG!

..playing pain -free for the first time in years!

All my golf buddies have seen a huge difference in my swing! So glad I ordered it as I continue to use it almost daily..thanks again!


John Kidde Corona Del Mar, California:

Terrific tool.  I religiously us it 3X/wk.  Has definitely improved my flexibility in the shoulder turn.  It has worked so well, my instructor is now focusing me on “enough” I.e. too much shoulder turn.  It is comparable to PGA shoulder turn numbers.  At 73, I can use all the help I can get!!!!


Bob Winter, LANDENBERG, Pennsylvania:









Tommy Genty,  Youngstown, Ohio:


I am 69 years old and have had some health issues that have affected my range of motion. I just started using your MSIG device about 5 weeks ago.  I use it almost every day in the morning and evening. I have noticed that my shoulder turn has improved dramatically. No longer the shortest hitter in my foursome.  😉Thanks for a great device and the excellent customer service. 



Mike Callahan, Tampa, Florida:

I am 66 and routinely out drive guys 10 yrs younger than me.  I also make sure that I use the device to swing ‘lefty’ as well.  I saw this advice from Gary Player to also stretch the ‘other’ side and I think that it has helped me significantly. 

I always make sure that I spend 10-15 minutes with MISIG prior to teeing it up… it has been an invaluable tool to warm up for me. 

Thanks for inventing a great tool for us old guys. 




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