Winter Golf Swing Training? A DEVICE- Muscle Memory Is Key

The “Most Important Stretch In Golf” A DEVICE

Bernie Fay

Practicing your golf swing in the winter requires determination — if you live in a cold climate. Freezing temperatures and snow drifts make it hard to get outside to work on your chipping, putting and long shots. Despite that you should resist the urge to put your clubs away until spring. There are lots of drills and techniques you can work on to improve your swing even when it’s cold outside.


The “Most Important Stretch In Golf?” Golf Stretch, Golf Swing Train, Golf Exercise – MISIG – A Device

The “Most Important Stretch In Golf” or MISIG, A DEVICE

By Bernie Fay

Golf Stretching is one of the most important elements of your golf routine you can do to lower your score. Warming up, repeating the take away, hinging wrist properly, keeping lead arm locked through extension and shoulder turn are the key parts of a better round. Doing repetitious drills creates extraordinary muscle memory, loosens tendons and muscles resulting in a better turn, more degrees out of your back swing, less fatigue and injuries.