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Four Wonderful Testimonials From Golf Life Television Show

Meet The Inventor

Lauren Thompson – Golf Channel

“I Love This! It’s Something You Can Use Indoors Or Outdoors.”

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– GOLF.Com

“Lengthen, Strengthen And Train Your Swing With This Clever Device.”

Frank LaRosa

“After using MISIG  for about two weeks, I’ve noticed on my past couple of trips to the course how much easier I turn, how much farther my drives are going, and how much easier it is to complete a follow through. I’m a believer.”

Dave Normand PGA Master Professional

Feel the stretch is a very effective training aide that has multiple benefits. First, it helps increase a players ability to turn thus adding club head speed which equates to more distance and secondly, it has helped to strengthen my back, my lats, and my core allowing me to swing more aggressive without fear of injury. I am 60 years old, have been playing golf for 51 years, and I hit the ball further today than I have at any time in my career!

Golf PA – Golf Northeast Magazine

“Some arrive just in time to change their shoes and make their tee time, which is not a good recipe for preventing possible injuries. Luckily, Feel the Stretch by MISIG, Inc. is a training device that can help save the day. One of its key features is that it helps develop stronger golf muscles and helps golfers avoid injuries due to increased flexibility, loosened tendons and muscles, and improved extension.”


Mike Billingsley, Executive Producer, Golf Life Television Show

“Let Me Tell You It Really Works. Just A Really Nice Stretch -A Stretch In My Upper Back That I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Felt.”

Feel Tremendous Stretch In Shoulders, Back And Hips.

Product Review -Dan E. TheHackersParadise.com

“The MISIG is an exceptional tool for stretching and exercising.”

VJ Trolio Top 100 and World Famous Golf Instructor

– A MUST HAVE For High School Coaches, College Coaches and Golf Instructors. “I love this. This is what these Junior Golfers work on.”

New England Golf Magazine

The Best New Swing Trainer In Golf. Guaranteed “One OF The Best Game Improvement Product of  The Year.”


“Here’s an effective, easy-to-use training aid that will help you improve your swing and increase your flexibility, and which you can use indoors and out.” Read More…

“Editors Pick” Golf Tips Magazine

-You WILL Benefit Using The”Most Important Stretch In Golf.”

– Golf Gear Weekly

“This break through golf training aid is the real deal!”

Baseball Hall Of Fame Star Tim “ROCK” Raines Taking A Great Swing With The MISIG. Tim Uses The MISIG.

Brandel Chamblee From The Golf Channel Showing Awesome Form Using The MISIG


From Golf Digest…

“Stretching Aid”

“Swing Trainer”

“Reverses Aging?”


Colton Little, Co-Host, Golf Life Television, Fox Sports

“I’m The Younger Generation. But What I Got From It Was The Fitness, Getting A Work Out. I Really Enjoyed That Aspect Of the MISIG. It Keeps Me Connected With My Swing. I Could Take This To The Golf Range And Get  A Good Fitness Workout.”

Bernie –

I have used the MISIG tool with a few recreational and competitive golfers (NCAA, Web.com tour or Q-school) in the lab, particularly for whom we find poor latissimus dorsi flexibility or thoracolumbar fascia extensibility on clinical screening.  All the golfers I share it with enjoy the stretch it provides.  After a few weeks using the MISIG on their own, our follow-up 3D kinematics and launch monitor assessment indicated improvements in thoracic rotation (aka shoulder turn).  Some less-experienced golfers commented on the MISIG helping them tell what a swing with a straight left arm felt like!

I can tell why the PTs like using this tool, it helps provide a functional stretch for golfers (and there aren’t many other such tools out there).

 Thank you Bernie,


Brady L. Tripp PhD, ATC

Clinical Associate Professor

Director, Graduate Athletic Training Program

Dept. Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

College of Health and Human Performance

University of Florida

Kevin Mergens, Chicago, IL

“I purchased the MISIG device last summer.  I use the MISIG to stretch a few times a week at home and also use it to stretch before I play or practice.  I am 48 and have some stiffness in my back.  The MISIG does a great job of keeping me limber and free from injury.”

Eric Lunt ​Middletown, CT

The “Most Important Stretch In Golf” (MISIG) will not only befit golfers, but rehabilitation professionals as well. As a Physical Therapist Assistant and TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional I see the benefit of this product from both ends of the spectrum.

The MISIG provides my golf clients and rehab patients the opportunity to further their range of motion gains in a functional manner. I chose to use the MISIG over traditional devices because it provides exceptional Neuromuscular Education by reestablishing functional motor patterns and provides immediate feedback.

I would recommend The “Most Important Stretch In Golf” to all Golf and Rehabilitation Professionals.

Dan Hamm Cromwell, CT

I first used Feel the Stretch during a physical therapy session a couple weeks ago.  I immediately loved the stretch using it, so much so I ordered one for myself at home.

Now I use it several times a week.  Besides the great stretch, it gives me a great feel for the golf swing. The 3 bands provide more than enough resistance, maybe even needing one lesser tension for those in less physical shape.  Looking forward to using it all winter!

James Archer Archer RV Houston, TX

After using this device for two weeks my swing has improved greatly. i am a 71 year old male with 2 torn rotator cuffs. my drives are now 20 to 30 yards further sometimes 265- to 270 yards. my 6 hybrid now is 175 to 190 yards. i would recommend this product for anyone that wants to improve their game.

Les ray, Amateur Golfer

“I really have improved my swing and I can feel the stretching. I think it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing.”

Barb Bowen, Amateur Golfer

“I did the repetitions. In my opinion, it has made a difference in my swing. I would recommend it to any golfer.”

Mark Misiek, Lindenhurst, IL

“Thanks for this great product. In using FeelTheStretch for just over a week, my backswing is noticeably fuller and I have less strain in my lower back when I swing the golf club. Well done!”

Steve Masiak Hobe Sound, FL

I would like to say the MISIG has helped me out tremendously. I have tried to find a technique to stretch my shoulders and upper back in the gym but was unsuccessful. I am now able to combine the stretch with a golf swing and correct path. Thanks Bernie.

Dan Walsh, Golf Coach, Adams High School, South Bend, IN

“It is an awesome ergonomic tool. It definetely helps me stretch my back swing while keeping form of my leading hand.”

John Ferraresi, Chicago, IL

“I’ve been using this 15 minutes a day since Friday when I bought it and brought it with me to the driving range in Des Plaines today, on Monday. Already, I’m seeing improvement on my shoulder turn, and striking. I find I have better tempo and a much more crisp strike. I now know that feeling of compressing the golf ball.”

Hal Sutton 14 time PGA Tour Winner

“As we age anything that helps us loosen up is a benefit to us. The “Feel The Stretch” does it well, and while taking your swing. GREAT DEVICE!”

Dan Surges Schaumburg, IL

I have nothing but glowing remarks for this product.  I was initially ridiculed by my friends the first time I brought it out but after my first round with them, the peanut gallery was silenced.  I am a big believer in this training and stretching aid and have recommended it to all.  great product!!

Jerry Garrison

“Bernie, As a teaching professional , my clients are instructed to use my unit (The MISIG) in over ninety percent of my sessions. It has been extremely helpful in teaching the proper positions and showing what stretch really is. As a professional player, so called beyond my “prime”, it has given me back distance and turn that is lost through age. Invaluable tool.”

 Thank you.

Jerry Garrison

Former PGA Professional

Teaching Professional

Jim Dwyer. Cape Coral, Florida.

“I have just about every golf aid ever made and yours is by far the best. I’m addicted to it.”

“The MISIG tool does exactly  what it says it will do. It stretches your shoulders, core and back muscles.  I’m 67 yrs old and felt the difference  immediately.  You learn how to backswing correctly by performing  the movement slowly and  correctly. But I also work on the transition by holding the stretch while sliding  the hips forward. You can really feel it in the core muscles.  This a must tool for older golfers to help keep the flexibility needed for distance. It helps increase the X factor for power generation.”

John Tillery

“The MISIG is a wonderful training aid. Not only as a flexibility tool, but as a guide to feel the necessary loading and structure needed to produce a dynamic motion.

As instructors, we want to quickly be able to give players a feel to accomplish a goal, and this aid makes quick work out of a lot of sloppy swings.”

John Tillery

PGA Tour Player Instructor

(Seven Web.com and PGA Touring Professionals And Counting)

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2016 Golf Digest Best Young Teachers in America

Chris “The Hitman” Ahman World Long Drive Competitor

“This thing is definitely a GAME CHANGER! As a World Long Drive competitor, I noticed a significant difference in my form when using this tool. I wasn’t quite “opening up” before. I had to do a double take at my swing speed radar today!

Great way to establish “muscle memory” and improve your swing after just one use. Also beneficial as an exercise tool to build strength gradually when used with all three band resistance options. Just be ready for the instant popularity you’ll gain at the driving range with all of the other curious golfers that want to try it out!”