The “Most Important Stretch In Golf” or MISIG, A DEVICE

By Bernie Fay

Golf Stretching is one of the most important elements of your golf routine you can do to lower your score. Warming up, repeating the take away, hinging wrist properly, keeping lead arm locked through extension and shoulder turn are the key parts of a better round. Doing repetitious drills creates extraordinary muscle memory, loosens tendons and muscles resulting in a better turn, more degrees out of your back swing, less fatigue and injuries.

You can complete these drills using one simple yet profound device called the “MISIG,” an acronym for “Most Important Stretch In Golf.”

Just read what some PGA Professionals, Golf Editors, Golf Television Shows and Average Golfers just like you are saying;

“Bernie, As a teaching professional , my clients are instructed to use my unit (The MISIG) in over ninety percent of my sessions. It has been extremely helpful in teaching the proper positions and showing what stretch really is. As a professional player, so called beyond my “prime”, it has given me back distance and turn that is lost through age. Invaluable tool.”

Thank you.
Jerry Garrison
Former PGA Professional
Teaching Professional

From Golf Digest:

“Swing Trainer”
“Golf Stretch”
“Reverses Aging?”

” The Feel The Stretch has given me back what timehas taken away. I get much better range of motion, more degrees out of my back swing and better inside to out swing using your device.” Tom Hardy, Retired Engineer from NY
The Best New Swing Trainer In Golf. “Best Game Improvement Product of The Year.”New England Golf Magazine…

“I love this! It’s something you can do indoors or outdoors.” Lauren Thompson – Golf Channel

“As we age anything that helps us loosen up is a benefit to us. The “Feel The Stretch” does it well, and while taking your swing. GREAT DEVICE!” – Hal Sutton, 14 time PGA Tour Winner –