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The “MISIG” Stands For “Most Important Stretch In Golf”.
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The M.I.S.I.G. Stands For

“Most Important Stretch In Golf”


Pronounced MISIG





It’s being called the Fountain Of Youth For Golfers Over 40 Years Old Because It Is Giving Back What Time Is Trying To Take Away:





Strength, Flexibility And Range Of Motion….






Dave Normand, PGA Master Professional:

“I hit the ball farther today then I have anytime in my career.”






For Men, Women, Righties And Lefties






Real Benefits/Real Golfers On Using The “MISIG”






From Golf Digest: “Reverses Aging?”



Note: 30 Day Free Return Shipping Begins Christmas Day And Ends Jan 31



Jerry Garrison Certified PGA Teaching Professional:

“It has been extremely helpful in teaching the proper positions and showing what stretch really is.”



– Get The Club Head Back Farther Easier

Frank LaRosa, ESPN Sports:

“I’ve noticed how much easier I turn….How much farther my drives are going….I’m a believer.”


– Dramatically Increase Degrees Of Backswing And Range Of Motion

Dennis Wind, Prestonwood Country Club, Cary, North Carolina
71 Years Old

“I’ve gained between 20-30 yards. I was hitting right around 220 and now I am hitting between 240 and 250. My irons also carry longer and fly higher.”


– Hit The Golf Ball Like You Were 20 Years Ago -Yes It Really Works That Good

  Jim ALexander, The Villages, Florida:

“I love it and use it regularly. It has helped me to get in a better position at the top of my backswing and have truly added 20 yards to my drives. Occasionally I hit one 40-50 yards farther. I’m not exaggerating.



– Strengthens The Core

John T Ward, Baily Creek Golf Club,  California:
74 Years Old

“I didn’t pick up 30 yards from the tooth fairy. I have always been very skeptical about golf training aids but I used the MISIG religiously. ….I had picked up 20 to 30 yds off the tee and was hitting my irons like I did when I was 30 yrs old.”



– Better Shoulder Turn

Jeff Crittenden, 2017 Volvik World Long Drive Champion, Masters Division.
47 Years Old
“In long drive, every degree gained in shoulder turn is huge.”




Gerry James, 2X ReMax World Long Drive Champion:

“The Misig is the Gold Standard for shoulder and upper thoracic mobility.”


World Long Drive Professional Chris “The Hitman” Ahman:
37 Years Old

I had to do a double take at my swing speed radar today!”



– Creates Critical Muscle Memory


John Tillery, PGA Tour Instructor For

Brandt Snedeker/Kevin Kisner:

“The MISIG is a wonderful training aid.”






– Eliminates “OVER THE TOP” Swing

Dr. Paul M. Slaughter, D.0., F.A.A.F.P., C.M.D.

69 Years Old

I am a 69 year old physician and have been using your device for the past 3 weeks. I am so pleased and frankly amazed how much this has helped my flexibility and swing.

I just wanted to express my appreciation and to let you know what a great product you have.





– Forces True “INSIDE TO OUT”  Swing Plane

– Increases Degrees Of Rotation And Extension

– Feel A Tremendous Stretch In Shoulders Back And Hips

– Incredible Golf Cardio And Exercise Device By Doing “Reps”

– Longer Stronger Golf Shots Are Guaranteed


Gain 20-25 Yards In Two Weeks




We Pay The Return Shipping – Not You

– More Stamina/Endurance

– Increased CORE POWER








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The “Most Important Stretch In Golf”


Could Be The Best Christmas Golf Gift Ever -The MISIG


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``The Most Important Stretch In Golf`` A DEVICE

The 'M.I.S.I.G' or 'MOST IMPORTANT STRETCH IN GOLF' is a golf training aid and golf swing trainer device designed to boost strength, flexibility and range of motion. The MISIG is guaranteed to give a wider more consistent and fluid golf swing and will improve your golf performance. You will also build great golf strength using the MISIG. Take back your younger swing with more strength, added flexibility, range of motion and a more consistent swing plane. Add distance and consistency and become a better golfer.

Believe The Testimonials. The MISIG Works.




The Best Selling Most Innovative Golf Products Ever Made Got There From What Other People Said About Them…


Believe The Testimonials

Our Unconditional Guarantee: Gain atleast 20-25 yards in two weeks and if you are not satisfied, simply return the items. We will even pay return shipping** – not you. 30 Day Free Returns UPS Ground.

Christmas Orders: Free 30 Day UPS Return Shipping Begins Christmas Day Dec 25 – Ends Jan 31.

** Free return shipping only applies to Continental US addresses.

Benefits of using The MISIG device

  • It’s being called the “Fountain Of Youth” For Golfers Over 40 Years Old Because It Is Giving Back What Time Is Trying To Take Away:


    Strength, Flexibility And Range Of Motion….



    From Golf Digest: “Reverses Aging?”


    Creates critical muscle memory. Feel the pressures of proper take away, structure and loading.

    John Tillery, PGA Tour Instructor For Brandt Snedeker/Kevin Kisner: “The MISIG is a wonderful training aid. Not only as a flexibility tool, but as a guide to feel the necessary loading and structure needed to produce a dynamic motion. As instructors, we want to quickly be able to give players a feel to accomplish a goal, and this aid makes quick work out of a lot of sloppy swings.”

    John Tillery, PGA Tour Player Instructor

  • Get the club head back much farther and much easier for more club head speed. Get the club to the “Top” of the backswing.

    Dave Normand, PGA Master Professional: “I hit the ball farther today then I have anytime in my career.”

  • Dramatically increase degrees of rotational backswing and range of motion.

    Lauren Thompson, Golf Channel: “I love this! It’s something you can use indoors or out.”  We Are Forever Grateful Lauren!



    Cold Weather? A must for off season. Works Indoors.

  • Wider golf swing and the perfect golf specific cardio device for doing reps. Works with precision the exact muscles used in a golf swing.

    Charlie Rymer, Golf Channel: “I really like this.”

  • Tremendous stretch in shoulders, back and hips.

    Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel: “I love it!”

  • Just by using the MISIG you are exercising. Do reps to build incredible golf strength and add stamina/endurance. You will build great golf specific strength fast with the “Most Important Stretch In Golf.”


    • Matt Ginella, Golf Channel: “Most people call it the most important stretch in golf. I call it the most important stretch in my life!”
  • It’s a good swing trainer because it only lets you swing from “Inside To Out”

    – Eliminates “Over The Top” Swing

    – Used by hundreds of PGA Certified Golf Instructors

  • Stretch, swing, train and exercise simultaneously

  • Much better pre-round warm ups. Less fatigue and less injuries

  • Better shoulder turn and extension. Keeps lead arm straighter through takeaway and hinges wrists properly.

    Hal Sutton, 14 Time PGA Tour Champion:  “Great Device! As we age, anything that helps us stretch out and loosen up is a good thing. The MISIG does it well – AND WHILE TAKING YOUR SWING!”

    14 Time PGA Tour Champion Hal Sutton

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Invented by a Golfer for Golfers

Hello and thank you for visiting FeelTheStretch.com. When I was 12 years old I had a compound spiral dislocation of the humerus in the left arm (the bone from the shoulder to the elbow broke in half!). Today it is arthritic. This is how I came to invent the “Most Important Stretch In Golf.” I was in my garage doing various stretches for my shoulder and nothing was giving me back my range of motion. I saw a bungee cord on the work bench. I tied the bungee cord just above my left elbow in a knot. By pulling up and away with the bungee cord I felt a nice stretch in my bothersome shoulder. I then went upstairs and got an ankle brace and slid it up my arm because the bungee cord was too tight. I bunched up one side of the brace and hooked the bungee cord to it. When I pulled up and away I got so much relief!! I started to think how I could make a device that would put this idea into a real tool for stretching the shoulders, back and hips in a golf swing motion. I honestly believed I could help a lot of golfers with range of motion and game improvement. I hope you decide to try the “Most Important Stretch In Golf” because it is an extraordinary and unique golf performance device that truly works.

I am personally involved in all customer service. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and either Rex or I will get back to you very quickly.

If it is urgent I want to personally take care of you. Below is my personal cell phone number.

Please do not call. Texts only please.
TEXT ONLY CELL: 847-691-2747

All the best,
Bernie Fay

Bernie Fay


Must watch video if you decide to buy the MISIG.

Watch as Bernie Fay (The MISIG Inventor) demonstrates proper usage of The MISIG device.
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Featured on The Golf Channel

Lauren Thompson of The Golf Channel demonstrates The MISIG.

Matt Ginella (Golf Channel) loves The MISIG

Testimonial at the PGZA Merchandise Show In Orlando Florida

How it works

Learn more about how The MISIG works.

The MISIG is great for cardio and fitness

Using The MISIG As a Golf Cardio And Exercise Device
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