The Best Selling Most Innovative Golf Products Ever Made Got There Because Of What Other People Said About Them.


Believe The Testimonials.


The “Most Important Stretch In Golf”












Swing Train




Testimonials Include Golf Channel’s



Lauren Thompson

Matt Ginella

Charlie Rymer

Travis Fulton




John Tillery, PGA Instructor For Touring Professionals

Hal Sutton

Professor Brady Tripp, PhD



And More….


Dave Normand, PGA Master Professional:



“I Hit The Ball Further Today Than I Have Anytime In My Career.”














“Editors” Golf Tips Magazine:


 “A Complete Golf Performance Program That Includes a Stretching Program, Swing Training Program And Exercise Program.”





Editors, Golf Gear Weekly:



“This Break Through Golf Training Aid Is The Real Deal!”





72 Year Old James Archer, Owner- Archer RV, Houston:




“My drives are now 20 to 30 yards further sometimes 265- to 270 yards.”






From 39 Year Old Chris “The Hitman” Ahman



World Long Drive Competitor:




“This thing is definitely a GAME CHANGER!

I had to do a double take at my swing speed radar today!”







 From 71 Year Old Dennis Wind

Prestonwood CC in Cary, North Carolina:




“I’ve gained between 20 and 30 yards. I was hitting right around 220 and now it’s between 240 and 250.

My irons also carry longer and fly higher….

…and my backswing is longer and more fluid.”









Many More Real Game Changing Testimonials –  Golf Channel,   Brandel Chamblee….Tim”ROCK” Raines…







Dramatically Increase Degrees Of Back Swing And Range Of Motion With This Innovative New Device.




As We Age –  We lose the strength, flexibility and range of motion we had in our youth.








Benefits Of Training With The MISIG:







– More Flexibility And Range Of Motion




– Considerably Increase Degrees Of Back Swing

……Longer, More Fluid Take Away





– Feel A Tremendous  Stretch In Shoulders, Back And Hips



– Gain Strength Gain Distance





 – Better Shoulder Turn




 – Better Pre-Round Warm Ups





– Less Fatigue And Injuries




 – The MISIG Heats Up And Activates The CORE




  – Longer Stronger Golf Shots




 – 100% Money Back Guarantee 








– We’re That Confident You Will love It And You Will Improve Your Golf Game




– Free Return Shipping







You Are Going To Hit The Golf Ball Much Farther.


Welcome To

A DEVICE For The “Most Important Stretch In Golf.” Or MISIG. Patented and Patent Pending.


Dear Fellow Golfer,

It is becoming obvious that the MISIG is helping a lot of golfers. I’ve been told it is a kind of “fountain of youth” for golfers because it is giving them back what time is trying to take away – flexibility and range of motion.

Every week I get one or two unsolicited emails or phone calls from golfers just like you telling me how much they love the MISIG. I know it’s not a lot but it means the world to me and tells me there must be a lot more people with the same sentiment.

I stand behind my product 100% and have always offered to pay for return shipping and want to tell you it is extremely rare that we get them back.

I hope you decide to get the MISIG and I promise it is unlike anything you have ever used for golf game improvement. It works and you have my word it will improve your golf game.

All The Best,

Bernie Fay

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Contact Bernie Fay Directly…

“How To Video” By Bernie Fay…



Use Coupon Code “FEELIT” And SAVE MONEY









Stretch, Swing Train And Exercise

With This Wonderful New Device.






To the Wonderful, Intelligent and Beautiful girl who put the MISIG on the map!


Thanks Lauren Thompson, Golf Channel.



Follow Lauren On Twitter For Fun And Intelligent Breaking News And Stories….


Watch Video With Lauren’s Testimonial At The PGA Merchandise Show In Orlando…









1) Golf Stretching Device.




Frank LaRosa, ESPN Sports:

“I’ve noticed ….how much easier I turn…

….how much farther my drives are going…

….I’m a believer.”





2) Golf Swing Training Device.



John Tillery, PGA Tour Instructor For:

Brandt Snedeker

Kevin Kisner

Roberto Castro

Brice Garnett

……And Many More PGA TOURING PRO’s

“The MISIG is a wonderful training aid. Not only as a flexibility tool, but as a guide to feel the necessary loading and structure needed to produce a dynamic motion.”

“As instructors, we want to quickly be able to give players a feel to accomplish a goal, and this aid makes quick work out of a lot of sloppy swings.”

…John Tillery,

PGA Tour Player Instructor







3) Golf Exercising And Fitness Device.





Colton Little, Golf Life Television – Fox Sports Network:

“I’m The Younger Generation. But What I Got From It Was The Fitness, Getting A Work Out. I Really Enjoyed That Aspect Of the MISIG. It Keeps Me Connected With My Swing. I Could Take This To The Golf Range And Get  A Good Fitness Workout.”







A MUST To Get In And Stay In Great Golf Shape.

Build Strength

Build Confidence





If You Purchased These Three Things Separately, You Would Spend Hundreds Of Dollars.



If you truly want to improve your golf game, this is the best device ever made to do it.





Gain Strength And DISTANCE – You Will Hit The Ball MUCH Farther.


You Will Gain 20-40 Yards On Your Drives.


If  You Stretch, Exercise And Swing Train With The MISIG You Will Have Longer Drives, Stronger Iron Shots And Have An Improved Swing Path. Guaranteed 100% To Improve Your Golf Game.






You Must Want This!

It’s Not Easy In The Beginning.




About The Three Stretch Cords The MISIG Comes With:

Orange -The Longest Stretch Cord And Least Resistance. Start Off  With This Stretch Cord. It Will Be Difficult In The Beginning But After A Week Or So Of Using It For 10-15 Minutes A Day, It Will Become So Much Easier To Use.

Blue -Mid-Length Cord And Mid Length Strength…By Now You Will Have Built Considerable Strength And Added Great Range Of Motion. The Only Problem Is When You Switch To The Blue Stretch Cord, You Will Feel Like You Are Starting All Over Again And That’s A Good Thing.

Red -The Shortest And Strongest Stretch Cord And Is to Be Used For Extreme Conditioning. It’s Back To The Beginning Again. If You Make It To This Level Of Fitness You Will See Dramatic Results In Your Golf Game.


By the nature of its design you will feel the pressures of proper takeaway, structure and loading. Creates critical MUSCLE MEMORY.



Activates and strengthens the CORE –


Activates and strengthens






Professor Brady L. Tripp – PhD, ATC, LAT

University Of Florida

Director, Graduate Athletic Training Program/Applied Physiology & Kinesiology



Golf Biomechanics And Kinetics




“I have used the MISIG tool with a few recreational and competitive golfers (NCAA, tour or Q-school) in the lab….


All the golfers I share it with enjoy the stretch it provides. 


After a few weeks using the MISIG on their own, our follow-up 3D kinematics and launch monitor assessment indicated improvements in thoracic rotation (aka shoulder turn).”

Professor Brady Tripp, PhD









Believe The Testimonials Because It Truly Works.


From Jeff  Crittenden – 2017 Volvik World Long Drive Champion, Masters Division:

“I am constantly working on creating a bigger turn to increase distance. The MISIG is giving me more mobility which will lead to a bigger shoulder turn and more speed at impact. In Long Drive, every mile per hour gained is huge.”





Charlie Rymer, Golf Channel:

“I Like It!”







Watch Wonderful Matt Ginella Testimonial For The Most Important Stretch In Golf From The PGA Merchandise Show….







From Dr Bob Rotella, Author of

The best selling sports psychology book:

“Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect.”


“The MISIG stretching aid is impressive- useful for about anyone who plays the game.”



Dave Normand, PGA Master Professional:

“It Has Helped Me Strengthen My Back, My Lats And My Core.”







Hal Sutton, 14 Time PGA Tour Champion

Hal Sutton Golf Academy –

“As we age, anything that helps us loosen up is a benefit to us. The “Feel The Stretch” does it well, and while taking your swing. GREAT DEVICE!”




Travis Fulton, Golf Channel:

“I Like This Thing!”




Gerry James, PGA Professional

2X RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion

 “The MISIG is the Gold Standard for shoulder and upper thoracic mobility.”




From Colin Sheehan – Head Golf Coach – Yale University


“I can say without any doubt that it has helped me restore width to my swing…..


……has allowed me to make the type of full back swing I took for granted for nearly all of my golfing life.”



How To Use The MISIG Video By Inventor Bernie Fay…





You Will Not Believe How Great This Device Works.



Free Return Shipping (U.S.).





With 100% Zero Risk Guarantee –







We’re That Confident

 Two MISIGS For $120.00 SAVE $78.00


U.S./Canada Click “BUY IT NOW”






Use Coupon Code “FEELIT” And Save.


More Swing Training….



GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Instructor VJ Trolio

On Instructing PGA Tour Rookies:


“What can I give a player that can make it simple and them to feel some of the pressures, some of the pieces of a golf swing to make it simple? Using the “Feel The Stretch” (MISIG) to get to the top. Feeling these pressures,  feeling that width and feeling those pressures on the way down make it much easier for them to turn around …. and feel the pieces of the golf swing.

The “Feel The Stretch” (MISIG) makes it easy for players to feel things in their golf swing that correspond to ball flight and contact.”

Watch VJ Trolio Show How The MISIG Helps PGA Rookies…









Believe The Testimonials -The MISIG Is A True Game Changer. click here…

Just $99.00

Product Pages CLICK HERE….

Comes With Three Resistance Bands To Grow With your Game Improvement – Light, Medium And STRONG. 

Read The Testimonials And Believe In This Device. It Truly Works And WILL IMPROVE YOUR GAME AND ADD DISTANCE TO YOUR GOLF SHOTS.

Perfect for pre round warm ups – the driving range – at home – in the office or at the fitness club.

39 Game Changing Stories – Click Here…

PATENTED No. 9,630,057 – And Patents Pending


Watch Video To See How It Works

You Get A Three In One Golf Performance Program


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