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The “MISIG” Stands For “Most Important Stretch In Golf”.
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20-25 Yards GUARANTEED.
More Fluid Swing Plane "Inside To Out"
5-10 Minutes A Day Is All It Takes.
You simply will not believe how much the MISIG will improve your golf game.

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The DEVICE For “The Most Important Stretch In Golf”










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The tens of thousands of Golfers that have purchased the MISIG have experienced incredible results.




Golfers are developing the amazing ability of getting the club head back much farther much easier.




Not just small results but truly amazing game improvement. Including 20-40 yards of more distance, More golf strength and stamina, better tempo and a more fluid swing.





They have a better understanding of how extremely critical golf stretching and physical readiness is in the wonderful game of golf.



It will dramatically improve your golf game.



You Won’t believe the results and it’s guaranteed for 30 days.



It Will Be The Best Investment You Will Ever Make In Your Golf Game




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How To
Learn How to Use the MISIG Video - Three Objectives And Methods Of Use

1) Stretching -Tremendous wonderful stretch in shoulders, back and hips.

Deeper Wider Golf Swing With Much Less Effort

2) Swing training - Improves The Critical ``Takeaway`` - Better tempo and more fluid ``INSIDE TO OUT`` swing

3) Physical Training - Includes Three Different Exercises for Golf Specific Swing Strength.

The “Most Important Stretch in Golf” is a golf game improvement device

  • Golf Stretching for the Shoulders, Back, and Hips
  • Golf Swing Training
  • Building Golf Specific Swing Strength

“I hit the ball farther today then I have anytime in my career” – Dave Normand, PGA Master Professional

Purchase the product that was named as “Best New Product” at the PGA Merchandise Show by Golf Channel’s Lauren Thompson.

Golf Digest and PGA Tour Instructor John Tillery are raving that our MISIG device, “is a wonderful training aid” that “makes quick work out of a lot of sloppy swings”


Contact Bernie Fay Directly at bfay@feelthestretch.com

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Lauren Thompson of The Golf Channel demonstrates The MISIG.

Matt Ginella (Golf Channel) loves The MISIG

Testimonial at the PGZA Merchandise Show In Orlando Florida

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The MISIG is great for cardio and fitness

Using The MISIG As a Golf Cardio And Exercise Device
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