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The “MISIG” Stands For “Most Important Stretch In Golf”.
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A DEVICE for the






 – John T Ward –

74 years old

Baily Creek Golf Club,

Lake Almanor, California


“I didn’t pick up 30 yards from the tooth fairy.”





– Dave Normand –

PGA Master Professional:

“I hit the ball farther today then I have anytime in my career.”








“Reverses Aging?”





Justin Moose

World Long Drive

“The MISIG has made all the difference in my long drive training! My speed, power and range of motion has improved since putting the MISIG into Play.”









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NOTE: The MISIG has a certain level of difficulty in the beginning.


Use the beginning cord, the orange cord, for one week. It will become easy because you will gain a lot of strength.. Then Move to the blue cord which is much harder. Then the red cord which is the strongest cord. 



Real Benefits Of Training With The MISIG:



20-25 yards Guaranteed – free returns – ( you must be up for a little challenge)


– Better shoulder turn


– More consistent takeaway


– Deeper/Wider golf swings


– Feel a tremendous stretch in shoulders, back and hips


– More flexible and better range of motion


– Less injuries


– Resistance training


– Build strength


– Dramatically increase degrees of backswing and range of motion


– Club head much farther back to true “TOP” of  backswing using less effort


– Better swing plane


 -Create critical “Muscle Memory”


– Eliminate “Over The Top” golf swings


– Longer Stronger Golf Shots


Yes it truly does all this and it’s 100% Guaranteed to improve your game.


(30 Day Free Return Shipping)



The MISIG Device at a Glance

MISIG Now WIth 8 Ounce "POWER BALL" For Balance And More "Club Like" Feel

You will become a stronger more flexible golfer

  • Guaranteed Results! 100% Zero Risk Unconditional Distance Guarantee.


    Gain at least 20-25 yards in 2 weeks and if you are not satisfied we pay the return shipping – NOT YOU.


  • Cold Weather? Really Good For Off Season. Works Great Indoors.

  • For Men, Women, Lefties And Righties.

    100% Zero Risk Free Return Shipping.


    Get Back Your Younger Swing – Guaranteed.

    A Better Feeling More Natural Takeaway Into A Better Shoulder Turn And True “TOP” Of  The Backswing.


    With Less Effort.



       Keith Graboski, Pittsburg:


    “I have been playing golf for over thirty years. I was in the golf industry as a golf pro for about fifteen years and I am currently a 2.3 index. Since purchasing my MISIG this winter and using it fairly faithfully I have increased my shoulder turn , and my strength  substantially. I just turned 50 in February 2019 and I am hitting the ball like I was when I was 25  with a great level of ease.

    I LOVE MY MISIG           THANK YOU!

Great Testimonials...

  • “The MISIG is a wonderful training aid. Not only as a flexibility tool, but as a guide to feel the necessary loading and structure needed to produce a dynamic motion. As instructors, we want to quickly be able to give players a feel to accomplish a goal, and this aid makes quick work out of a lot of sloppy swings.”

    John Tillery, PGA Tour Instructor for

      – Brandt Snedeker 

      – Kevin Kisner

  • Great Device. As we age, anything that helps us loosen up is a benefit to us. The ‘feel the stretch’ does it well, and while taking your swing”

    Hal Sutton, 14 Time PGA Tour Champion

  • I love this! It’s something you can use indoors or out.”

    Lauren Thompson, The Golf Channel –

    Forever Grateful To You Lauren Thompson For Putting The MISIG On The MAP!

  • Jerry Garrison, PGA Teaching Professional:

    It has been extremely helpful in teaching the proper positions and showing what stretch really… invaluable tool.”


  • “It’s a really deep turn….It’s a deep backswing for golf….It’s a BIG Stretch on the left side and a lot of tension on the right side and I like that. It’s a workout slash stretch at the same time.”

    Robert Damron, Golf Channel

  • Jim Alexander, The Villages, Florida

    I love it and use it regularly. It has helped me get in a better position at the top of my backswing and have truly added 20 yards to my drives.


    Occasionally I hit one 40 – 50 yards farther. I am not exaggerating” – Jim Alexander


  • I can really feel the stretch!”

    Tim “ROCK” Raines Baseball Hall Of Fame

  •   “I am constantly working on creating a bigger turn to increase distance. The MISIG is giving me more mobility which will lead to a bigger shoulder turn and more speed at impact…. in long drive, every mile per hour gained is huge.”

    Jeff Crittenden, 2017 Volvik World Long Drive Champion, Masters Division:




    I didn’t pick up 30 yards from the tooth fairy. Friends in my mens club at Bailey Creek Calif. couldn’t believe the improvement in my game. The MISIG helped me increase my club head speed from 89mph to almost 100mph. That’s truly amazing.

    John T. Ward, Bailey Creek Golf Course



    “The MISIG Training Aid is impressive, useful for about anyone who plays the game.”

    From Dr Bob Rotella, Sports Psychologist and

    Author of  “Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect.”





    Frank LaRossa, ESPN Sports:  “I’ve noticed how much easier I turn… how much farther my drives are going… I’m a believer..”

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Invented by a Golfer for Golfers

The Story of the MISIG from the beginning….

How It Works. Must watch if you decide to purchase.

Bernie Fay, Owner/Inventor


"How To Video" Short Version

Stretch Resistance Levels - Light, Medium, STRONG!
Grows With Your Game Improvement

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Featured on The Golf Channel

Lauren Thompson of The Golf Channel demonstrates The MISIG.

Matt Ginella (Golf Channel) loves The MISIG

Testimonial at the PGZA Merchandise Show In Orlando Florida

How it works

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The MISIG is great for cardio and fitness

Using The MISIG As a Golf Cardio And Exercise Device
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