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Strength – Range Of Motion – Mobility – Distance  – Swing Plane

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The Ultimate Golf Stretch, Strength, Performance, Distance And Swing Trainer Is Here


From The Takeaway To An Incredible Stretch, Shoulder Turn, Rotation And Swing

It IS Simply Astounding Golfers And Is 100%


  • Guaranteed Unconditional 20-25 Yards Added Distance In Two Weeks.
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  • Powerful Golf Shots

The Dynamics, Improvements And Benefits Of Training With The MISIG:

Stretch – Swing Train – Build Golf Strength

In One Brilliant Fluid Motion

– Dramatically Increased ROTATION – A Much Better Shoulder Turn That Becomes Easier – Activates, Stretches  and Strengthens THE CORE GOLF MUSCLES USED IN A GOLF SWING – Dramatically Increase Degrees Of Backswing And Range Of Motion Build True Golf STAMINA – Get The Club Head Back Much Farther Much Easier  – Develop True “Inside To Out” Swing With A More Controlled Impact With Faster More Powerful Club Head Speed – Develop Longer Stronger Iron Shots And Stronger Power Out Of The RoughDramatically Improve “GOLF SWING SPECIFIC STRENGTH” – Dynamic Stretch Of The Muscles And Tendons Used A Golf Swing-  Reps Creates Critical “Muscle Memory” – Get To The True TOP” Of The Golf Swing – Less Fatigue – Less Injuries – True Golf Warm Ups –



  • Resistance Training Is The Key – And It Starts With The Takeaway.
  • Develop Incredible Strength And Range Of Motion. By Simply Pushing Up The Sliding Handle You Will Develop An Increased Shoulder Turn And Dramatically Increase Degrees Of Your Backswing. Club Head Speed Will Improve Like You Will Not Believe.
  • Develop Amazing Golf Swing Consistency Through “Muscle Memory.”
  • Do You Hit Decent Shots And Then A Bad Shot? You Will Develop More Consistency. A Truly Repeatable “Inside To Out” Swing. It’s The Best Swing Trainer Ever.

When you buy the MISIG (Short for “Most Important Stretch In Golf”) we want you to know it works so great that golfers cannot believe the incredible results on the golf course. They are hitting their shots much longer with more accuracy.

Golfers all over the world are swinging the golf club like they did twenty even thirty years ago.

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The MISIG is a complete and ultimate program when it comes to golf performance. It works so great you will not believe it. The device is so great for swing training.  It will  stretch and loosen your muscles and tendons like you won’t believe. You will get the club head back farther with less stress. The MISIG will get you much more club head speed with more swing control. Get to the true “TOP” of your swing. You will experience less injury, and you will improve your skills while playing the game. The MISIG is essential for those who want to improve their performance in golf. IT WORKS!!!